Training and Behavior for Your Dog

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A well behaved and well trained dog will, ideally:
  1. Respond to commands on and off leash.
  2. Behave in a safe way in company of other dogs and unfamiliar people.
  3. Avoid inappropriate elimination or other destructive behavior inside the house.
  4. Walk politely on a leash.
  5. Learn to avoid any other behavior with which its family is uncomfortable (for example begging at the table or lying on the couch).
To that end we recommend:
  1. Crate training your puppy, but NEVER leave the dog in the crate for extensive periods of time or use the crate as punishment.
  2. Taking your puppy or new dog to puppy classes for socialization and training tips.
  3. Pursuing refresher classes as your dog grows, especially if you have concerns or problems.
  4. Finding an activity that you and your dog can do together on a regular basis.