Feeding Your Adult Cat

posted: by: South River Veterinary Service Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

A healthy cat is slender, muscular, and active. Studies show that obesity can significantly shorten the life of your cat. We therefore recommend:
  1. Two meals daily of canned food.
  2. Small snacks through the day of crunchy food to increase dental health.
Ingredients of both dry and canned food should be high quality, all natural and should contain meat, not by-products of meat "meal", as their first ingredients. Because cats are obligate carnivores, excessive feeding of refined grains or processed non meat ingredients (such as wheat gluten) is deleterious to their health. Vegetables are great for your cat, and will help to fulfill her vitamin and roughage requirements.   

Kidney disease and lower urinary tract disease have been shown to be directly related to a low level dehydration over a cat's lifetime. Water and the moisture content of food are vital to your cat's longevity and health.
We recommend:
  1. Several sources of fresh, clean water in strategic locations (cats like to drink in the bathroom and bedroom).
  2. That you try containers that are made of glass or pottery and avoid plastic and metal (many cats like to drink water from coffee cups and glasses).
  3. That you try a water fountain (available in pet stores), and clean it often.