Feed Your Adult Dog

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We recommend all natural diets that satisfy AAFCO standards. Smaller, well-established companies tend to have a smaller chance of food contamination from big batches of ingredients purchased form questionable sources. Look on the ingredients list form things you can read! The first ingredients should be specific meat products (organ meat is fine as well as muscle), vegetables, and grains (especially whole grains such as barley or oats). Avoid corn, wheat and soy if possible, especially as 1st ingredients. Avoid raw diets (they are far more likely to spread parasites and pathogenic bacteria). I recommend a canned and dry combination. Avoid obesity by measuring your dog's food and adjusting the amount if your dog is overweight. People food is great if it's green beans and carrots but bad if it's steak and pasta or any fatty foods. Also, ask yourself whether you mind begging at the table before you start feeding from the table. Some people don't like it, others don't mind it, but give your dog clear signals and be consistent.

We recommend all natural treats as above. AVOID junk food! (you can tell from the ingredients!) Avoid hard bones (they may splinter and lodge in the intestine, and cause slab fractures of the teeth). Use rawhide with care and remove it from your dogs once if gets soft and slimy. Kong toys are great. Make sure you ration any treats given since treats are generally calorie rich, and use them to enforce good behavior.