Exercise Your Adult Dog

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All dogs require daily exercise. Many orthopedic, obesity and behavior problems stem form lack of exercise. Take good long walks on leash and provide off leash play time on a daily basis, for at least 1/2 to 1 hour. More is better...but REMEMBER...older or obese dogs are more susceptible to injury. Walk these dogs on a leash and gradually build them up to longer walks. Avoid Frisbees and ball throwing for obese dogs until they are fit and trim, and in older dogs, period. An excited dog will tend to go until it is exhausted, so you have to be the one to place the limits. Young, active dogs will "exercise themselves" in the back yard, and then, as the exuberance of puppyhood fades, tend to become sedentary and heavy. This is a good reason for starting long, regular leash walks in a young dog. Avoid running, jogging or bicycling with dogs below the age of a year, and always build a dog up to these activities.