Cats - Indoor or Outdoor?

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Cats who are allowed outdoors are:
  1. More likely to be killed by predators or hit by a car.
  2. More likely to become lost.
  3. More likely to catch a communicable disease such as FIV.
  4. More likely to fight with other cats and develop infected wounds (common in outdoor cats).
  5. More likely to have fleas and ticks and bring them indoors.
  6. More likely to become infected with parasites.
  7. More likely to hunt and can catch diseases from their prey.

Indoor cats are:
  1. More likely to become obese.
  2. More likely to develop diabetes.
  3. More likely to develop neurotic behaviors.
  4. Are generally less active, sleep more and often suffer from boredom.

Our clinic is glad to tailor your cat's health care according to his lifestyle.