Annual Wellness Screening For Dogs

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For young to middle aged dogs we recommend:
  1. Annual fecal exams to make sure your dog does not have intestinal parasites.
  2. Annual testing for heartworm. This is a blood test and includes a test as well for lyme, anaplasmosis and ehrlichia canis, diseases which are spread by ticks.
For middle aged to older dogs we recommend:
  1. Annual fecal exams
  2. Annual testing for heartworm
  3. Annual urinalysis to rule out urinary tract infections, diabetes, renal disease and other problems.
  4. Annual blood work to screen the major organ functions and blood cells for any underlying problems.
Annual De-worming: As a part of your annual exam, your dog will be given a de-wormer which will insure that it is not infected with roundworms. Roundworms are not only dangerous to our dogs by can infect the children in our community.